The Trabble Journey

Trabble was born from our founder’s passion for travel and his frustration with poor online recommendations. He created Trabble to help to enable great recommendations at places off the beaten track—locations one can’t find on Internet guides and in travel handbooks. The chatbot quickly expanded with travellers contributing to recommendations, and our small team started reaching out to hospitality businesses to feature them on the database. In turn, these businesses took an interest in how AI and chat could shape the future of their operations and how they deliver their guest experiences.


Trabble’s team soon began to understand the need for smarter solutions in the hospitality ecosystem and developed a guest engagement platform that could seamlessly connect the many different processes involved. The concept took off, and soon Trabble’s platform was implemented in properties across Singapore.


For the modern age of travel and hospitality, we have developed a plug-and-play SaaS version of our guest engagement platform. The platform serves smaller hospitality businesses who have tighter budget constraints. A SaaS product with standardised pricing and modular features like Trabble’s makes smart technology more accessible across the hospitality industry, raising the playing field for all.



Elevate travel experiences through enabling AI technologies and Big Data: one journey, one guest, one business at a time.



Enable seamless experiences for every traveller, no matter where in the world they may be.

The Team


Our team is comprised of specialists from all across the hospitality industry, bringing together expertise in AI, operations, and hospitality to deliver individualised solutions for our customers. We are dedicated to focusing on what is best for our clients' business and their guests.

Ian Low Jianliang

Ian has pursued entrepreneurship all his life. He helms Trabble’s growth with the foresight and determination borne of his extensive startup mentorship and venture capital experience, and is always thinking two steps ahead of the curve.

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Rys Bilinski

Rys has 15 years of experience under his belt as a product lead and extensive background in AI. A self-professed software fanatic and certified agile tester, he envisions and develops Trabble’s solutions, and is always looking to improve on them through new technology.

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Trabble is a human-centred design team that creates products to positively impact the way we travel. To top it off, we have fun while doing it!


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