Trabble selected for Korean accelerator, to take first steps into Korean market

Updated: Sep 9

Trabble has been selected to be among 60 startups that will take part in the highly competitive K-Startup Grand Challenge 2021, providing us a prime opportunity to form partnerships and establish ourselves in the rising Korean market. Trabble has been selected from over 10,000 startups to take part in the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2021, an accelerator programme that aims to support startups in entering the Korean and international markets, and promoting their growth.

The competitiveness of Trabble’s product, as well as its long-term growth potential, has positioned Trabble well, earning Trabble one of 60 coveted spots to join the accelerator’s boot camp in Korea, which is primed to become a fast-growing global startup hub.

While the boot camp is underway, Trabble is building its business presence in the Korean market, and nurturing relationships with potential partners and investors who will bring Trabble’s growth to greater heights as it ventures into the Korean market.


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