Mobile Phone


Our suite of intelligent, end-to-end guest engagement solutions automate operations and engage your guests through a single AI-powered chat platform

Smart Concierge

Triple your customer service response speeds with our chat-based concierge, which automatically reroutes requests and reservations
for immediate fulfilment, leaving your guest support team free to attend to complex requests

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In-Room Requests

Smart Task and Message Delegation

When guests send their service requests to our chatbot, it automatically routes the request to the relevant department, reducing potential human errors and speeding up fulfilment times.


In-Property Reservations

Payment Partner Integration

Facility reservations are made directly through our chatbot, with real-time service availability. Through our extensive network of payment partners, guests can make immediate payment from the comfort of their room.


Ticketing & Services

Third Party Integrations

Booking tickets with tourist attractions and other third party services, such as hyperlocal transport options, is made fuss-free through the Trabble ecosystem’s integration with last mile service providers that connects them directly to your guests. The additional automated revenue channel for attraction tickets and services increases concierge service revenue by 70%.