Mobile Phone


Our suite of intelligent, end-to-end guest engagement solutions automate operations and engage your guests through a single AI-powered chat platform

Smart CRM

Build relationships with your guests before, during, and after their stays with personalised conversations across multiple channels

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Social Engagement

Multi-Party Chats

Guests can interact with each other through multi-party chats, encouraging socialisation across guest groups and creating a positive shared travel experience.


Targeted Cross-sell and Upsell

Personalised Offerings

Value-add to stays and increase cross-sell and upsell revenue with our intelligent chatbot, which offers stay extensions and recommends room enhancements or services curated to each individual guest.


Scheduled Notifications

Journey-Aware Messaging

Check in with guests at different intervals during their trip, using automatic messages to help your customer service team gauge guest satisfaction and assist unhappy guests, increasing service recovery before their stay is over.